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The 3 Keys To Inner Transformation


“You only achieve what your mind believes!”

“Whether it’s getting through a tough workout, working towards a professional goal, or overcoming challenges in your life, this is the perfect quote for our mind-set to shift from failure to success. I use this quote to motivate myself just as much as I use it to motivate clients”

About Us

Welcome to “Inner Transformation” a unique holistic approach to mental and physical well- being. Our motto at Inner Transformation is “ you only achieve what your mind believes.”

This is true whether it’s getting through a tough workout, working towards a professional goal, or overcoming challenges in your life. The challenges that we feel we have, often don’t exist on the outside they are within. 


Peace and happiness are a state of mind, Inner Transformation emphasise working on the mind as well as the body. How we move, how we breathe, the foods we eat all have a direct effect on our energy, physical health and mood. We all know the importance of good physical health, but being mentally healthy and strong within makes all the difference in life’s challenges, and living a life that gives us peace and happiness within.

Inner Transformation is a combination of authentic and ancient practices such as yoga, Tai Chi, meditation as well as fitness, nutrition and life coaching Give yourself a gift and begin your journey to inner peace, health and well-being with Inner Transformation.

Meditation Group
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Satpal Singh

Satpal Singh has a strong belief in the connection between mind and body and takes a holistic approach to life.

He practises yoga daily, pays attention to his nutrition and keeps a positive mind set, practising meditation and setting short term and long term goals on a regular basis.

He believes our outer reality is solely a reflection of within, what is going on the inside is how we perceive life on the outside and this belief has guided him through the difficult times as well as the good.

His background is in Martial Arts and Boxing, starting his disciplines back in the eighties and was trained by world Martial Arts Champion Ustad (Master) Kaulvinder Singh as well as world middle weight boxing Champion Richie Woodhall.

Satpal has also been very blessed with having outstanding, authentic, internationally renowned Yoga teachers, Bibi Kalwant Kaur, Angad Kaur and Shiv Charan Singh.

He is committed to sharing his knowledge with others and over the last 15 years has guided people through his yoga and nutrition classes as well as providing one to one support in setting goals, staying positive and meditation, leading people to an improved way of life.

He is an internationally qualified yoga teacher, personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach.


I have been attending Satpal’s yoga and Meditation classes for 10 years, and his classes inspired me to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher myself. I still attend Satpal’s classes regularly because they are always uplifting and enjoyable

Louise Annette


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